Designer of the Year

Recognises an international ready-to-wear designer whose celebrated collections have made a notable impact on the industry, defining the shape of global fashion.

Accessories Designer of the Year

Celebrates a designer that has proven instrumental in elevating accessories to the forefront of the fashion industry, demonstrating a skill for both creativity and commerce, and establishing their brand as a global fashion leader.

Business Leader

This award recognises the work of a CEO or President of a fashion business who has overseen both creative and commercial success in the past year. With a natural aptitude to nurture both creative talent and commercial growth, the ‘Business Leader’ enables creative freedom alongside financial stability, which in turn generates innovation and excitement within the industry and beyond.

Urban Luxury Brand

Celebrating the innovation and influence of a contemporary apparel brand. The recipient of this award has redefined the way ‘sportswear’ is perceived across the globe, elevating ‘casual’ to high end and directional fashion. 

Model of the Year

Recognises the global impact of a model, male or female, who over the last 12 months has dominated the industry. With an influence that transcends the catwalk, the Model of the Year has made an outstanding contribution to the industry, garnering numerous editorial and advertising campaigns throughout the year.

British Emerging Talent - Womenswear

Recognising new British womenswear talent, this award celebrates a British based womenswear or accessories designer who over the last 12 months has had a major impact on global fashion.

British Emerging Talent - Menswear

Celebrating emerging talent in British menswear, this award recognises the innovation and influence from a British-based menswear or accessories designer, whose collections have gained international attention this year.

British Designer of the Year - Womenswear

Celebrating a British womenswear designer that has been instrumental in leading women’s fashion over the last year –  excelling both creatively and commercially, creating an impressive footprint on the global fashion stage.

British Designer of the Year - Menswear

Recognises a leading British menswear designer who has consistently made a global impact with their designs, shaping the burgeoning international menswear landscape.

Outstanding Achievement

The Outstanding Achievement Award celebrates the overwhelming contribution of an individual to the fashion industry, who throughout their illustrious career has constantly shaped and reshaped the fashion world. Their influence has reached far beyond the industry, influencing the way the general public perceive and consume fashion. This timeless visionary remains an inspiration to both peers and protégés alike. 

Swarovski Award for Positive Change

The Swarovski Award for Positive Change recognises and celebrates brands or individuals who promote the welfare of others and generously use their resources to benefit good causes.

Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator

Recognising the very best of fashion innovation, this award celebrates a creative whose invaluable contribution to the fashion industry has impacted the entire fashion landscape. With a discerning eye and incessant drive, this creative has worked tirelessly with designers to bring their creations to life. Their dedication to the craft has garnered legions of fans and the incredible body of work has already left an indelible mark on the entire industry.