Outstanding Achievement 2013

02 December 2013
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Outstanding Achievement 2013

Terry and Tricia Jones will receive the Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2013 British Fashion Awards. The iconic couple will be honoured at tonight’s ceremony for their tremendous contribution to the fashion industry.

Terry studied Commercial Art at the West of England College of Art in Bristol. After assisting graphic designer Ivan Dodd, in 1977 the 27-year-old was hired as the art director of British Vogue where he worked for five years. Terry founded i-D in 1980 with his wife Tricia, an infant school teacher, as a 40-page, hand stapled fanzine.

Since its launch in September 1980, i-D has built an inimitable reputation for being a consistent source of inspiration, its iconic typographic logo, a smile and a wink, synonymous with creativity and cool. i-D is renowned for its experimental typography and innovative documentary-style fashion photography and has had a huge influence on magazine and advertising design across the world. Dedicated to fashion culture, at the centre of each issue is a vivid celebration of street style and youth. i-D has featured the work of the world’s leaders in fashion, music, art, film and art and continues impact the fashion industry on a global scale.

Holly Shackleton, Editor, i-D "Terry and Tricia Jones have created more than just a magazine, they have created a global community of talent. Their unwavering thirst for discovering and nurturing new photographers, stylists, writers, designers and models has seen many of the industry's most talented people cut their teeth on i-D's pages. Terry's work as Art Director has continually challenged and broken boundaries, changing the face of fashion publishing and inspiring generations of creative thinkers. Something it will no doubt continue to do in years to come. A vital voice in fashion and youth culture for over 33 years, this award couldn't be more deserved."

"This is the most overdue award in the industry, as between them Terry and Tricia have been responsible for nurturing an entire generation of talent. i-D was one of three iconic magazines that launched in the summer of 1980, and while Blitz and The Face are long gone, i-D continues to inspire the world over. There has never been anyone like Terry and Tricia, and there never will be again." - Dylan Jones OBE, Chair of London Collections: Men and Editor of GQ Magazine
Caryn Franklyn MBE commented: “Terry and Tricia Jones have delivered an authentic perspective on personal identity since 1980. i-D Magazine has produced the most important and reliable body of fashion and street-style archive we have. Recent projects including i-D Soul have always honoured the need for integrity, transparency and empathy. As a former employee in the early eighties they shaped my vision and broadened the horizons of many others who have gone on to become industry leaders.  Always people centred, and always from the heart, they are an increasingly rarefied force. It is crucial to honour their spectacular contribution to the fashion world with the Outstanding Achievement Award.”

Ben Reardon, Editor in Chief, Man About Town “From first meeting them at i-D and throughout my years at the magazine, I'm proud to call Terry and Tricia not just my second mum and dad but the mum and dad of British Street Style. Working for them was the happiest time of my professional life. Terry's hunger to see the beautiful in the new, the weird, the odd and the wrong shaped mine and so many others understanding of aesthetics. I think he is a visionary and together they are genius.” 

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